Live Performance on a 737

Got to do something I never even thought about doing in the music world a few days ago.  We performed a live acoustic performance on a Southwest Airlines flight from Scottsdale, AZ to Dallas, TX.  It was part of a warmup to Live In The Vineyard taking place in Napa, CA in a few weeks, with Southwest being one of the main sponsors.  It was a surprise to the passengers and the whole experience was filmed by a crew.  We played at the front of the plane with a tiny PA speaker and then moved to the back to play in the aisle with me slapping away on an overhead luggage compartment, another first for me ha.  Definitely a crazy experience playing my cajon while I looked out the plane window to see clouds the ground way far below.  Before we took off we played another warm up show for LITV at The Saguaro Resort in Scottsdale, AZ and got a little relaxing time by the pool.  Had a short but fun stay in Dallas, complete with trying out some of the local vibe & cuisine at The Rustic.  I went with the Cactus Fritters with spicy ketchup!

Make sure to check out the video below of our experience up at 35,000 ft!

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