Texas BBQ Is No Joke

We headed down to Texas this weekend to play a radio show for 102.3’s 9th annual Lake Palestine Palooza, a few hours outside of Dallas.  Whole different vibe in the areas around these huge lakes in the middle of the state that I had never experienced in my previous trips to Texas.  Of course while down there we had to have some good old fashioned BBQ and all signs pointed us to Stanley’s Famous Pit BBQ, located in the city of Tyler.  You know you went to the right place when the line to order snaked long outside the door.  I decided to go with “The Mother Clucker”, a spiked & smoked chicken thigh with spicy BBQ mayo, cheddar cheese, guacamole & an over easy egg all served on toasted jalapeno cheese sourdough.  Have to say that this sandwich may have made my top 5 all time foods consumed and even bought a bottle of their homemade BBQ sauce to take home on the plane.

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  1. Brittney September 22, 2016 at 9:42 pm #

    I’m a huge foodie (not a snobby foodie though lol) and that sandwich looks incredibly amazing! I’ve had burgers with fried eggs on top but not a chicken sandwich! Now I want one! Love the name of the restaurant too haha!

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